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Words flew away like birds

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"Words flew away like birds" , by Erik Pevernagie (100 x 100 cm), 100 x 80 cm, oil on canvas

Speaking and saying are two different languages. Speaking discharges resonance. Saying emanates ideas. Speaking needs eloquence. Saying needs contents. Instead of "saying" something, we often hear people just "speaking", speaking profusely without saying anything.

Hearing needs eardrums. Listening needs brains. For listening we need patience to initiate the cerebral mechanism. So many people are just "hearing" and not "listening", when words are used without content and sensible links.

Why do some speak so much without saying anything? Let us speak less and say more.

Words can easily disappear like birds as if they have never existed. Parole…Parole

Phenomenon: Words, hearing, listening, speaking, saying

Factual starting point:Lips and birds