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Imbroglio -No exit

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"Imbroglio" , by Erik Pevernagie Oil on canvas

We might not be able to know what reality is about, but we can’t but be aware of the explicitness of facts. To get a better grip on the intricate nature of the truth and its ambiguity, we have got to scrutinize facts and find out about their codes.

But, yet, we can’t ignore that reality is a very intriguing place, since facts may be construed, receive variant contexts and create alternate outcomes, which, in turn, might spark new realities, over again.

Misunderstandings or disagreements can lead to embroiled situations. When we find ourselves in a labyrinthine condition or a claustrophobic situation, we face a subversive imbroglio.

In an imbroglio, we desperately look for a physical or mental outcome, an escape from emotional sequestration or an oppressive position.

We start asking for all kinds of queries. How come we got mixed up in the hugger-mugger? What is the deeper sense of what we are doing every day? What is the significance of what the others do or say? We may even wonder what the meaning of meaning itself is.

After tail spinning into chaos, one needs a bolt-hole, to resource and ‘challenge’ oneself, break free from the haunting constrictions, squirrel back into bouncy and buoyant surroundings and enjoy the many laugh-out-loud-moments of the day.

As soon as one manages to wobble out of one’s shell, everything may click into place again, and the radiance and glare of the bright side of life might show again.

Phenomenon: Labyrinthal and claustrophobic sentiment

Factual starting point: Person looking for an exit