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Axelle Red mijn rode draad/mon file rouge

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Axelle Red (100 x100cm) Oil and metal on canvas , by , by Erik Pevernagie


When our mind is in shambles, and we dare to reflect on the story of our life, we may discover, in the stream of our thoughts, the fault line between what we have underfelt and what we have overthought on our way.

Axelle Red feels the crackle of electricity that passes through the minds of nowadays generations. By detaching herself from the slash-and-burn world and interpreting the frailties of life, she knows how to combine feeling, sensitivity, and intellect.

Everybody wants what feels good, and if we wish a symphony of attention from a bunch of caring people and a harmony of happy sounds during our lifetime, we must not act like dark horses, saving up our emotions, but be bountiful to all significant others.

Breaking new ground by an innovative approach and using thought-through lyrics, the singer doesn’t paint old music wagons with fresh paint since she is not born with a tin ear.

The music is an antidote against the firebrand mood of her time, the weary permanent craving for revenge in many communities and the cut-and-thrust force of unstoppable wrath.

It is an invitation to otherness as it is not written for tight-lipped people but an open-minded audience.

Through her songs, she becomes a common thread through daily life, a red wire creating energy and as so she couldn’t but be brought to another dimension and translated on canvas.