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Lost the global story

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"Lost the global story." , by Erik Pevernagie, oil on canvas, 80 cm x 100cm


At the beginning of our life, we may feel bare and helpless and gradually adorn ourselves with the most fanciful trappings, trying to be 'someone else.' After erring and drifting, we eventually realize we want to discover 'ourselves,' without any airbrushing, to meet our real self and not the one imposed on us.

When our "thinking pattern" is free and unbolted, we can look at things and ourselves in a distanced and unconfined way.

If only bits and pieces remain, a mental balance may suffer and be distorted, in the end. The sudden influx of a series of new incidents can shatter a whole spiritual construction.

When the context of things is lost, and the power to assess matters or occurrences is missing, crucial disorders will arise.

When our mental functioning is whittling away, and our mind becomes a lame duck, perception does not form the context anymore and all connections on the social chessboard are conked out.

Only patience and endurance may draw us out of the swamp of numbness and allow us to tear open the cloudy screen that is hiding our points of 'interest' and 'attention,' so long as we focus on the 'singular moments' and the 'appealing details' in our life. Awareness can help us shape a comprehensive picture for a functional future.

By trying to put together the numerous parts of a scattered existence and connecting the critical points in a life story, mental structures can be resettled.

Phenomenon: Loss of identity, of context in life

Factual starting point of the picture: Woman crawling