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Erik Pevernagie Links:

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Zeroland: Art in Belgium


Erik Pevernagie Paintings shared by:

Personality Type in Depth : Selection of paintings

Blog Ines : Selection of paintings

The University of Sydney : "Heaven is the other one"

The University tampere Finland : “Steps in the unknown”

DiosUniversal : Laberinto de la mente, por Erik Pevernagie"

Psychology Today : "The Daily Job

Hope Rehab Center Thailand : "Is heaven a place in the sky?"

Upaya Zen Center : "Corporeal Prison"

On the other hand : “Juicy rumours”

Educational Azmina : "Lost Dreams"

The teaching Tomtom : ”Could we leave the door unlocked?"

Christian Democracy : "What after bowling alone?"

The Brooklyn Quarterly : "The unbearable heaviness of being.jpg

Patrick Wall : “Fear of the White Page”

Revista Almiar : "Disruption"

Catholic working mother : Juicy rumours

IEDP Developing Leaders : "Only silence remained.jpg"

Association of Psychology of Catalonia (COPC) : “A Gap of Silence”

Pierogi Pruskie : “Terra incognita”

Medium.com : “When forgetting the Rules of the Game"

The Raging Chicken : Bribe payers' index

Undercurrent Philosophy : The world was somewhere else

Sophi Magazine : Low Profile p.15

Transparent Language : “The Daily Job"

Erik Pevernagie shared by Quotes Sites:



Primo Quotes





The Life


Quotation Explorer

Erik Pevernagie Quotes shared by:

Council on East Asan Libraries : "Change of Vision"

Synkr Niciti : "Man without Qualities"

Patheos : "The Past was her best Friend"

The calligraphed Epistle : The granary of our memory "Not without the Past"

Castles of reveries : The perpetual movement of the water - "Voices of the sea"

Just a spoonful of Psycho : "Crystallization under an umbrella"

The Perfect Lovers : “Twilight of desire”

Forsyth Cristal Light Table : "Quest for the 'real moment"

Our Fantasy Castle : Perpetual movement ("Voices of the sea")

Daily Emily : "Wishful thinking and voluntary daydreaming" (Lost dreams)

Her Grey Matter : “Another empty room”

Glow Baby Glow : “Stolen Moments”

Raindrop quotes : Love can crystallize things. - "Crystallization under an umbrella"

PRADA SAFFIANO : Lightness and weightiness are both linked to a philosophy of life. They are choices in life - "The unbearable heaviness of being"

Oprah Winfrey and Deepak Chopra : Challenge : "Lightness and weightiness…are both choices in life.”

Paris Hilton's Board : "Wishful thinking and voluntary daydreaming" (Lost dreams)

Zsa Zsa Bellagio : "The grass was greener over there"

Azure Foundation : "Steaming ahead"

Fine Art America : "Labyrinth of the mind"

Secondhand Hart : "Walking down the memory lane"

Caroline Journal : "Lost dreams"

Zodiac Inspirations : "Crystallization under an umbrella"

Synnas Verden : "Letthet og tunghet ... er begge valg i livet"

Aforisticamente : La legerezza e la pesentezza sono entrambi legate a una filosofia di vita

Stop Creston Bottling : "In the land of the Ostriches"

Booknurse : "Stolen moments"

PlainTalk : "The past was her best friend"

The LameWay : “Lightness and weightiness… are both choices in life.” "The unbearable heaviness of being"

Love Food Life Alchemy : “Lightness and weightiness…are both choices in life.”


Meditation Experience Spiritualdragonfly

This Human Life

Stuffs : "Box of Pandora"

Ego Out : "Factoids"

Rose 4 Mawar : "Remontant Roses"

Deviant Art : "Back garden of a dream"

Diana Mary Sharpton : "Stolen moments"

Wise old sayings : "Taken for a ride"

Nice Quote images : "Love as dizzy as a cathedral"

The enterpreneurway : "Wonder what went wrong"

Corporaterain : "Like a frozen image"

Brucemctague : "Trompe le pied"

Knauit : "Labyrinth of the mind"

Reality is an illusionist : "Voices of the sea"

Plaintalk : "The past was her best friend"

101 Share Quotes : "Camera obsura"

Immaterial Arts : "Girl in Blue"

Every wishes : "A thousand times"

Where is eduy : "Walking down the memory lane"

Fine Art America : "Labyrinth of the mind"

Loan 365 : "Waiting for a place behind the geraniums", "A gap of silence", "Alors, tout a basculé"

Sketchbook : "Quest for the 'real moment"

Wordpress : "Les choses avaient enfin perdu leur pesanteur"

Dayre : "Girl in Blue"


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