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Love crystallizing under an umbrella

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"Crystallization under an umbrella" , by Erik Pevernagie( 77 x 55 cm )

Love can crystallize things. When love is in the air, distressing rain can become a wonderful avalanche of shimmering diamonds. Raindrops are transformed into a flood of sparkling crystal pearls. The power of love can convert rain into a multitude of glittering prisms. At a certain moment in his life time, French writer Stendhal has experienced this mental seduction and the boundless illusion which a profound uprising emotion can provoke. The power of love can change any ordinary incident into a radiant, luminous trip. He says : "What I call 'crystallization' is the operation of the mind that draws from all that presents itself the discovery that the loved object has some new perfections."

Phenomenon: Crystallization of love.

Factual starting point of the picture: Couple walking under an umbrella.